Nodes are individual blocks you can add and connect to form workflows.

Currently, you are able to add the following nodes to working canvases by right clicking on empty space:

LLM Node

LLM nodes are saved prompts from the prompt page. They're connectable through their main input on the left and their output on the right.

Any LLM node's output can be connected to another LLM node's input.

Workflow Variables Node

Variable nodes are designed to store variable information from one node so that it can be used in another. It can also be used for validation purposes.

Variable nodes are unique and cannot be duplicated within the same canvas. That said, variable information is not shared across different workflows.

Workflow Constants Node

Constant nodes store values that do not change throughout the workflow. .

Constant nodes are unique and cannot be duplicated within a canvas. That said, they do not share information across different workflows.

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