Create New Workflows

Workflows help connect prompts with one another, allowing for automation.

Use the "Workflows" button to switch to the workflow tab.

Then, create a workflow by clicking the highlighted button in yellow.

Upon clicking it, you will be greeted by the workflow editor.

Every workflow starts at the "Entrypoint" node and ends with the "Final Output" node.

Connecting Prompts

For our first workflow, we want the AI to help us generate backstories for two characters and use them to create a short story. It was a repetitive task using individual prompts, but by utilizing a workflow, all it'll take is just one-click.

Let's start by dragging the prompts we created previously into the working canvas.

Now, we'll follow these steps:

  1. Connect the "Entrypoint" node to the main input of the prompt nodes for "Character 1" and "Character 2".

  2. Connect "Character 1's" prompt node output to the input variable "Character_1" under the "Story" prompt node.

  3. Connect "Character 2's" prompt node output to the input variable "Character_2" under the "Story" prompt node.

  4. Lastly, connect the output of the "Story" prompt node to the "Final Output" node.

For the "Interaction" variable in the "Story" prompt node, we'll create a workflow constant.

Read about what is a workflow constant here

  1. Right-click the empty space of the working canvas and select "Constants".

  2. Rename the newly created constant as "interaction" and insert your desired input.

  3. Connect it to the "interaction" variable of the "Story" prompt node.

Testing the Workflow

Let's test the workflow by inserting our desired inputs in each of the variables by using the Global Input panel on the right.

After inserting your values, press the "Run" button.

You should be able to see your output under the "Result" section.

Publish this workflow by naming it at the navigation bar and pressing the "Publish" button.

Congratulations! You've created your first workflow on Weave!

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